TCN Admin Office

TCN Covid-19 Update

Monday, March 3, 2021

An update will be provided tomorrow evening ,

Monday March 8,2021 on the radio and social media.

Thank you.

Community Notice

Pfizer Vaccination Forms

Vaccination forms will be made available at the Band Hall today, Wednesday, March 3,2021 until 7:30 PM.

If you would like to fill out a form, contact :

Jonathan Grieves - 4317820651 ,

Sara Keeper - 4312743747,

Alberteen Spence - 4312743030 

Leon Keeper - 2043422750

We can deliver or provide a ride to and from the Band Hall. Things that must be on the forms , 9 digit personal health identification number (PHIN #) , 6 digit medical number , and your treaty number. Make sure you sign the consent section.

Thank you.