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Chief Sam Cook Mahmuwee Education Center


Open to all CSCMEC high school students, that want to apply for off-reserve school Thompson, The Pas, Winnipeg etc.

CSCMEC Grade 12 Graduation

School Arbour (weather permitting) or Band Hall Chief Sam Cook Mahmuwee Education Centre 2020 Graduates

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Empowering Today’s Youth for Tomorrow’s Future
Our vision is to empower today’s youth for a meaningful and contributing life for the betterment of self and Tataskweyak Cree Nation.


Private Home Placement Program

Open to all CSCMEC high school students, that want to apply for off-reserve school Thompson, The Pas, Winnipeg etc.

Applications Available at TEA office, deadline July 15, 2020.

In September of 1990, the Split Lake Cree First Nation assumed control over education at Split Lake Cree First Nation by agreement with the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs.

This step was in conjunction with the position taken by the National Indian Brotherhood in 1972 and the Manitoba Chiefs of Education in 1971, titled Wabung – Our Tomorrows.

The Tataskweyak Education Authority believes the children of Tataskweyak Cree Nation are entitled to programs and services designed to meet their social, cultural, and academic needs.

Such program and services need to be diverse to accommodate the wide range of interests, talents and capabilities.

The Education Services Of The Tataskweyak Cree Nation Shall Be Adapted, Where Necessary, To Maximize The Educational Growth Of All Students.


Director of Education

Alfred Beardy

Finance Management Officer

Sharon Garson

Assistant Finance Management Officer

Clara Flett

Post-Secondary Counsellor

Sally Cook

Administrative Assistant

Tracy Maude

Board Members

Board Chairperson

Doreen Garson

Board Member

Joshua Morris

Board Member

Betsy Keeper

Board Member

Illa Pronteau

Board Member

Doreen Garson

Board Member

Michael P. Garson

Contact Us

Tataskweyak Education Authority

P.O Box. 70

Split Lake, Manitoba R0B 1P0

Phone: 204-342-2148

Fax: 204-342-2240

Post-Secondary & Secondary Program

Application Deadlines

Fall Intake – May 31st

Winter Intake – November 29th

Spring & Summer Intake – February 28th

Program Application Downloads

Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy


Using an integrated approach, ASETS will link your training needs to labour market demands, providing you with training or skills upgrading and with help finding a job.

All Indigenous people, regardless of status or location, may access its programs and services, which include:

skills development;

training for high-demand jobs;

job finding;

programs for youth;

programs for urban and Indigenous people with disabilities;

access to child care.