Access Program

The access program was created to provide substitute opportunities to hunt fish and trap for food in the Split Lake resource management area.
It addresses the loss of opportunities to maintain traditional practices on the waters of the Nelson River as well as land adjacent to the river.

Land Stewardship

The land stewardship program allows members to show respect for the land as well as to assist TCN in caring for the land within the Split Lake resource management area.

Healthy Food Fish

The program allows members to continue to fish and provide a wholesome supply of food fish to membership.
It replaces fish no longer available due to increased mercury levels.

Traditional Foods

The traditional foods program provides opportunities for members to gather and share traditional foods.

Traditional Knowledge

The program was created to replace opportunities for members for traditional learning that will be lost due to the development and construction of the Keeyask project.

Traditional Lifestyle

The traditional lifestyle experience program is to provide opportunities for young adult members to experience a traditional lifestyle during one cycle of seasonal activities on the land.

Cree Language

The objective of the program is to strengthen cultural identity by creating an opportunity for adult members to learn and speak Cree or to improve thier cree language skills.

Museum & Oral History

The program is to provide a substitute opportunity for TCN and members to maintain the historical connection to the land, that will be destroyed when the keeyask dam is built.