We have occupied the lands and waters of northern
Manitoba since time immemorial.

The forefathers of Split Lake Cree were hunters and gatherers who lived off the rich resources of the lands and waters.

Their way of life centred around the lakes and rivers where wildlife and plant resources could be harvested.

Fish were a particularly important source of food and were abundant.

The Cree were a water people. Living along the shores of the lakes and rivers, they hunted and fished, and gathered herbs and berries from along the shoreline.

The lakes and rivers were the roads by which they travelled.

The waters, the shorelines, the shallows, the marshes, the riverbanks and willow thickets supported the fish, plants and animals that fed and sheltered them.

Centuries of occupation and use of the lands and waters enabled the identification and selection of the most useful and fruitful areas for residence and harvesting, in keeping with the rhythms of the seasons.

Indigenous Knowledge

Over the centuries our people have accumulated, and continue to accumulate invaluable traditional knowledge about our homeland ecosystem, including its many components and thier relationships to each other and to themselves.

Adapt & Prosper

As we modernize and evolve,
our traditional pursuits and respect for cultural practices and customs are not forgotten.

We are forming an exciting new synthesis of the traditional and the modern.