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Mercury Facts

Mercury is a metal naturally found in small amounts in rock soil.

Human activities such as the flooding of forested lands that have peat moss soils, high in organic content or the flooding of wetlands, commonly result in a temporary increase in mercury (in the form of methylmercury) in the water, and subsequently in the organisms that live and use those environments.

From Plankton To People

Mercury concentrations increase from one level of the food chain to the next.

Women and children need to be particulary careful when eating certain fish. Mercury in fish is transfered through the blood to the growing baby, resulting in developmental problems.

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Keeyask News

May, 2020 Highway 280

Provincial highway 280 , was blocked close to the Split Lake junction. Tataskweyak Cree Nation with it's Keeyask Cree Nation partners, are protesting construction at Keeyask during pandemic.

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