Hydro Electric Dam Development

Hydro Electric Power

Hydroelectric power is generated when, water is collected or stored at a higher elevation.

This is usually done by building a dam, that Impounds a river, usually where the river elevation drops.
The water level behind the dam is called the Impoundment Reservoir.

The water is led downward through large tunnels to a lower elevation, that causes turbines to rotate. This rotational energy drives the generators to produce the electricity.

Reservoir Impoundment

Impoundment reservoirs are artificial standing waterbodies, produced by damming of streams or rivers.

Hydro Dam Development Impacts

Keeyask Hydro Dam

Reservoir Impoundment Impact on TCN Resource Area

"Hydro says that is a small area for a 695-megawatt dam, but there is nothing small about it when that is where you grew up and where your family and culture are rooted."

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Land :

Trees and brush in the expected flood zone is cleared , destroying local the animal habitat.

Water :

Sudden flooding stirs up the top soil and debris.

The “muddied” water spoils the spawning area for various fish species.

Winter Travel :

Frequent water level fluctuation during the winter months, creates dangerous conditions for snowmobile travel in the affected area.

Traditional practices and customs of Tataskweyak Cree Nation has been adversely impacted by hydro dam developement on our traditional lands.

Hunting,fishing and trapping

Eating traditional food

Living on the land

Learning traditional ways